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List of beermattraders all over the world

Send me an email in order to be part of this list

Mirjam Davids
Interested in trading, lots of tradingstuff from Holland

Interested in trading

Kiwi Breweriana
Has many different New Zealand current issue coasters for sale

Interested in trading and/or buying

interested in trading

large collection including US coasters from 50's and 60's and is interested
in all kinds of British mats and other brewerania

Interested in trading coasters and other brewerania

Mostly British, German, and American coasters. Will trade for any coasters,
preferable non-American/German

Interested in Guinness - Bass - Youngers - McEwans - Murphys - Smithwicks -
Kilkenny - Courage - Harp etc. coasters issued around the world. Lots of UK mats
to offer in exchange

Interested in trading

check out my web page:

interested in trading

looking for coasters that involve bears and/or wolves

Interested in trading and buying coasters, beer mats, towels, bottle
openers, labels, and beer signs. Has over 2000 coasters to trade

Interested in coasters from all over the world

looking for U.S. coasters to trade

Spanish collector looking to trade beermats/labels

Interesting in buying any type of coasters, preferably in mass quantities

Interested in trading mats from all over the world in any quantity

Interested in buying coasters, and other beer related items

Will trade beer coasters worldwide

check out his website at:
Interested in trading coasters

Mr. Bing
Web Page
(coasters) web page with list of duplicates and over 550 tested
beers from over 30 countries also parts of mats-collection

I search for anyone who has beermats to trade! I have many doubles of German beermats,
but others, 2! You can get a list of my doubles from 2/98 at my mail

I am interested in trading beermats from all over the world

I am interested in older breweriana with a special interest in Syracuse, NY and small NY state breweries

Coasters from the whole world.
I could send packages of about two hundred. If you are interested, feel free to contact me

Collector of beer coasters from around the world and would like to trade for other coasters.
Snail mail @ Gerald Smith, 44727 Stanridge Ave, Lancaster, CA 93535, USA

Coasters, small US microbrews, european, worldwide, some rares, many doubles. Willing to trade!

Interested in tr ading beermats,
I have more then 1000, and plenty of doubles

I have a collection of 200+ world-wide. Prefer to buy, but have many extras to trade away, as well.
Please send me what you got!

Interested in trading some repeated coasters but mainly in buying them because I havenīt got many doubles

Have coasters I picked up in Germany in l960. All are in mint condition, a few have been used. Will sell some or all.
Also have a few doubles

Will trade, sell or buy, I am looking for coasters from Roch., NY.Also,US beer crowns(caps) wanted

Interested in trading beeer coasters. I am collecting beer coasters from all over the world. I have a lot of doubles to trade

Interested in trading any type of coasters, no specific country or brewery necessary -

Interested in buying and trading beermats, mainly from small British breweries

Looking to trade with some up to 30 years old. Interested in Australian beer coasters issued overseas,
pub and club, Guinness, any beer, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels, Coca Cola coasters and coaster 'sets'

Buying but am also interested in doing a little trading. I have many American coasters including coasters from the Cayman Islands.
I'm mostly interested in Scottish, British and Irish coasters!

I am collecting beermats, coasters from all over the world, and searching for trading partners in all over the world

Will trade or buy coasters, I collect coasters[mats] from all over the world and I will trade my extras with anyone. Cheers to all!!

I am interested to trade coasters. I am looking for US microbrew coasters.
E-mail me for double list

Looking to buy coasters, Interested in coasters from bars and restaurants around the world

Wes Sr.
Will trade, sell or buy.. Most interested in Minnesota beer coasters. Yoerg brewing co, Fleck's, Peter Bub Brewery, Mankato brewing co,Schmidt's, Hamms especially the Hamms bear,Grain Belt, Gluek's. Have some antique
doubles and some current USA doubles

Looking for other Canadian and worldwide trading partners. I have Canadian,US and European coasters to exchange

Willy "big buds" Segar
looking to trade global coasters for new england coasters. Send me a phatty 'ster and i'll send one back
Will trade for or buy Wisconsin brewery coasters. Email a list, big or small

I have mostly US coasters and wish to add foreign ones to my collections. Have US doubles to trade

Interested in trading world wide coasters. Always looking for old-thick German coasters.
Will give good trade for any fish or maratine theme coaster

I have a collection of 300 GUINNESS beermats...a lot of doubles...please help me....write me:
Thomine Fred, 4a route des sourds, village penesme, 50110 tourlaville (FRANCE)


I collect US Coasters only!! Check out my trade lists at my home page

Will trade... my Collection is mainly made up of British Beermats. I have a number of Doubles to exchage with other collectors

I have coasters from Australia to trade

Will trade, buy or sell american coasters or coasters issued outside of america for american breweries (export mats)

Beermats collector from Estonia. Will trade 1 to 1 only

I'm a young Italian collector, interested in buying and a little trading because I do not have many doubles
even if I can find for you the Italian version coaster of some foreign beers

Has many beermats from the UK and Europe, available to trade!

Will sell some coasters from several countries. Can also trade coasters against beer crown caps (undamaged ones).
Coasters will be found under my website's crown trade section

Will trade or buy, I have approx. 400 coasters that contain mostly N. American with some doubles to trade.
Started my collecting 15 years ago so I have some hard to find ones.
Interested in any coasters you may have to swap

Will sell or buy... assortment of mircobreweries, pubs, ale, beer, whiskey, seasonal, novelty, sports, restaurant, occasions, hotel and lodges for sale.
I Have sets of 100 assorted coasters $20. per set. Sets include micro breweries,bars,ale,beer,whiskey,and
others also have specials ie; 3stooges,Elvis,Marlyn Miller swimsuit set of 6 (got ran out of bar for these) only 3 sets will nego

Interested in irish coasters mainly smithwicks and kilkenny but also murphys, guinness, harp, bass ale, newcastle. will buy anything regarding smithwicks and kilkenny

(ABA Member)
Willing to trade US (old and new)coasters for any foreign (except Germany) coasters, especially need Asia, Africa, Emerging Nations. I also collect labels, pins and pubtowels. What have you
got & what do you need?

I would like to trade with every one in the UK

Will trade or sell, Have coasters from Poland&Germany, interested in trading for other countries mats

Looking to buy Budweiser, Bud Light, and Bud Ice coasters and other collectibles(bottles, cans, and cardboard table advertisements).  Also looking for things having to do with
Old English "800" malt liquer

I have over 100 different German beer coasters collected in southern Germany in 1972. Perfect condition. Anyone interested in buying them please contact me. Thanks!

Buys, sells, trades breweriana.

Interested in trading, buying or selling worldwide coasters.  Especially interested in Belgium and cider coasters (mats)

Will trade or buy, I am interested in Mid-Atlantic U.S. and German Coasters. I'll look at anything!

Will trade or buy, I am interested in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland coasters

I have a large collection of mostly american coasters and beermats. I am interested in trading,buying,and selling all of the above

Interested in trading. I have about 500 coasters, mainly from Europe

Will trade, sell or buy, I am interested in any coasters, especially ones from Germany or other parts of Europe

Will trade or buy, I am intersted in buying beermats from all around the world, especially from the UK. Please email me stating what you have to sell

Will trade, sell, or buy, My page isn't up yet, but it will have pictures of all the coasters. I have many international.

Have coasters will trade! Intersted in all types of beer coasters

I am a collector of Brewery coasters from everywhere but Germany/Austria/Belgium. Thats only because I haven't the space!
I love getting Irish/British coasters that have been made for the export market. My collection is over 65000 coasters

Looking to sell some Ballantine beer coaster with lymrics. Could be as old as 60 years

You would like to learn more about AUSTRIAN COASTER culture? Please feel free to contact me -
I have a lot of doubles to swap. I am interested in any beermat that is out there in the universum

I desire a coaster: Gustav's Tavern, The Sleeping Ice Maiden? issued prior to their fire.
Location: Leavenworth, WA... email me if you know where I can find one... Looking for the brewery
"Cactus Brewing" and their coaster--Cactus with an Udder. Where are they located and a phone number if
available. Also need two sets of the Pete's Trivia set- -both the round and the square coasters.
Nad #5 and #10 in the Jack Daniels beer facts coasters. And does anyone have a good source of the
Red Dog bottle caps? Thanks. (update!)

I buy and sell beer related items. I specialize in Guinness and Bass. E-mail me if you have something to sell or are looking for a specific item

Will trade, sell or buy, Started collecting in Germany in early 60's and have been going since then. Some doubles and some series (like Wir Wollen Wulle series)

Looking to trade my US microbrewery coasters for any coasters of bars from Penn State or any other coasters with college football reference. Thanks if you can help

I want to trade beer mats. See my doubles on my page:

Tony Peach
Will trade beermats.. Check out my website: a place for discussion and getting practical information
about beermat collecting.

Looking for Coca-Cola coasters for trade!

I am looking for people to trade beer mats with all over the world. I mainly have US microbrews and brewpubs with some foreign mixed in. I have many to trade

George or
Will trade american coasters for mats issused outside of the USA for american breweries. I also have hundreds of micro and old coasters for sale or trade. Send email for my latest list

Will trade or buy, looking to build my US collection. Will buy to build trading stock. Have lots of European to trade. Looking especially for numbered sets or series (jack Daniels and Pete's trivia,
Budweiser football schedules, etc)

I've a small collection so I want to trade, trade, trade!

Interested in trading beermats...

Looking to trade for "Step One" and "Step Two" in the "Guinness.The Perfect Pint" series

Stogie Steve
Will trade or buy, Relatively new to collecting. Will buy to build collection... Have Guinness doubles issued in Ireland and about 100 others