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It must have been june 1996 when I first decided to collect beermats.
Love at first sight, it was, when I saw this particular beermat on the bar of a beachclub in Scheveningen. This beermat was shaped as the map of Australia, so I'm sure most of you already know which beermat that was: Fosters , Aussy brand! In these two years I have found 2 other very special Fostermats Fostermats. I have about 700 beermats now, and I could never have thought I would, two years ago, so I started to pin them on the walls in my hallway!!! and I never stopped doing so! So this is me the third time moving now.... Sorry to those among you, the ones going grazy thinking of me putting a punaise through the beermat he/she has been looking for for the last fifty years !! Well, it could be possible, you know, I do happen to have some Heinekenmats from what I see have been distributed during WW2!
The thing about collecting these beermats to me are the variety of different shapes and colours, people who come and visit me are often surprised by the largeness of variety. Everybody's helping out collecting.... collegues, family, friends... well, its free and hardly weights anything. Everybody that knows me, knows I collect them, I tell everybody I do, I tell em all the time ! So whenever they see a beermat, they'll think of me..... I know they would never forgive me if I would stop collecting. I am extremely proud of Ngoma , African Beer... and I also have a small Carlsberg collection, aswell as my Guinness , I have received one from Israel ! The largest one is from Grolsch, the smallest must be the one of Orangina, even though it's not a beerbrand I dont care, I have a lot of beermats with advertisement on it as well.

Well I could go on for hours, enough said..... I now strongly advise you to take a look at my picturepage .

If you're interested in trading : Email me!

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